The Nights Ahead

“The Nights Ahead” is a vampire mystery novel set in a modern, metropolitan city where most of the inhabitants are blind to the ravenous vampires that reside among them – preying upon them. It will follow former detective Jeremy LeBlanc, who is ready to give up on life until he comes to realize he may still be able to help others when it truly matters. It’s a dark tale about his supernatural encounters with darkness in the world as he searches for a woman who may already be the victim of a serial killer. The closer he gets to finding this missing woman, the more he discovers about the bloody web of death and deceit that has ensnared the city.

Chapters from “The Nights Ahead” will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month. While it is currently only available as web fiction, once it is completed, it will be edited and then published as a series of vampire fiction novels.

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