Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass by Christopher Chancy

If you want variety in fiction … here’s a good start:  a woman searching for her missing son in a shadowy world, a group of super villains banding together, and brave EMTs working their shifts in a post-zombie outbreak world.  These are worlds that Christopher Chancy has created Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass”

Your Dice Will Betray You – Simon’s First Gun

It’s time again for another edition of Your Dice Will Betray You.  This time, our lens focuses on a single vampire named Simon in his nightly struggles against the beast within, the violent world around him, and a bad situation made worse.  Deep within the unforgiving shadows of the fictional city of Sacho, Simon finds himself caught in a battle without fully understanding what he is or how he became entrenched in the fight. Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – Simon’s First Gun”

Dungeons & Dragons on

In the beginning of 2013, I was living in Texas over 800 miles away from my circle of gaming friends, due to work.  I was having difficulty with inconsistent games, unreliable players and an ever-changing work schedule.  Then, in April of 2013, a friend and fellow gamer told me about a Kickstarter project called Roll20 that had turned into a successful virtual tabletop with a supportive community and blog.  This is how I came to start playing Dungeons & Dragons on Continue reading “Dungeons & Dragons on”

Hey – It’s Your Turn Again

Player attention – sometimes it can be a bit difficult to maintain at the game table.  Players aren’t always in the game 100%.  There are unavoidable interruptions – pets or children want attention and sidebar discussions take place.  That is okay – real life matters.  When a group sits down to play though, there’s the expectation that adventuring and role-playing will take place.  Stories are meant to be told, after all.  Stay with me on this… Continue reading “Hey – It’s Your Turn Again”

Your Dice Will Betray You – The Flashlight Incident

Sometimes Lady Luck turns her back on you.  If you’ve ever played a tabletop RPG that uses a dice-based rule set, then you know how quickly a dice roll can cause events to go to hell for a character or group of characters.  This is a dedication to those events and the poor characters who strive to make it through the awful situations that we, as players, subject them to.  Maybe it hasn’t happened to you.  Maybe it’s happened to someone you know.  One thing is certain – eventually, we all discover our dice don’t have our best interests at heart.  It’s not a question of if it happens to you, but when it happens to you… Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – The Flashlight Incident”