Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass by Christopher Chancy

If you want variety in fiction … here’s a good start:  a woman searching for her missing son in a shadowy world, a group of super villains banding together, and brave EMTs working their shifts in a post-zombie outbreak world.  These are worlds that Christopher Chancy has created Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass”

Hey – It’s Your Turn Again

Player attention – sometimes it can be a bit difficult to maintain at the game table.  Players aren’t always in the game 100%.  There are unavoidable interruptions – pets or children want attention and sidebar discussions take place.  That is okay – real life matters.  When a group sits down to play though, there’s the expectation that adventuring and role-playing will take place.  Stories are meant to be told, after all.  Stay with me on this… Continue reading “Hey – It’s Your Turn Again”