Alignment Confinement

Giving credit where credit is due:  a big thanks to my good friend, Kenneth Gerety, for the title Alignment Confinement. You are a Wordsmith.

Good vs. Evil.  Light vs. Dark.  Order vs. Chaos.  Human vs. Monster. Struggle and conflict are bread and butter in role-playing games. The strongest and most prevalent of these is most likely Good vs. Evil. So what spins one’s moral compass in a role-playing game? Continue reading “Alignment Confinement”

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Descending: Waves of the Tide Book I – FREE EBOOK!

Free eBook from a chaotic, shadow-warped, and genius mind…? Yes please!


Through the month of March, I’m offering the new “Greyon Edition” of this first book in my gothic fantasy series, Waves of the Tide, for free! Please check it out, provide reviews, share comments with me, and over all, enjoy!

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