Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass by Christopher Chancy

If you want variety in fiction … here’s a good start:  a woman searching for her missing son in a shadowy world, a group of super villains banding together, and brave EMTs working their shifts in a post-zombie outbreak world.  These are worlds that Christopher Chancy has created Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – Shattered Glass”

The Competition!

Let it be known!  Samantha and I had a competition painting our first Warhammer 40k miniatures and after a busy two weeks of her working on her art business and me fixing stuff around the house that shouldn’t be broken – we’re done.  We wanted to let you decide who you thought did the best (vote for Chris!)

The rules were short and sweet:

  1.  Only five days of actual painting were allowed (due to art commissions, Samantha had nowhere as much free time to paint as I did.)
  2.  The paints had to come from the Citadel Hobby Starter Set.
  3. The loser has to base coat all the other miniatures.

Here are the pictures!  Who do you think did a better job?  Vote in the comments.

Chris’s Chaos Space Marines – Chosen with Power Fist
Samantha’s Dark Angels – Librarian Turmiel



Your Dice Will Betray You – Simon’s First Gun

It’s time again for another edition of Your Dice Will Betray You.  This time, our lens focuses on a single vampire named Simon in his nightly struggles against the beast within, the violent world around him, and a bad situation made worse.  Deep within the unforgiving shadows of the fictional city of Sacho, Simon finds himself caught in a battle without fully understanding what he is or how he became entrenched in the fight. Continue reading “Your Dice Will Betray You – Simon’s First Gun”