Samantha’s First Miniature

When we first bought the Dark Vengeance set and opened the box I was overwhelmed seeing all the pieces to the miniatures.  We were going to have to put all of those together.  To battle each other.  Oh yeah, and paint them first.

Chris (Forgetful Bard) started his first.  I was busy with projects, but I watched him glue his character together.  And then drag up our stand up lamp from the living room to situate it next to his desk.  Adjusting the light so he could paint his little character carefully and meticulously.  As I watched him and went over to see his work in progresses, these thoughts went through my head:

“His looks good.”

“Mine won’t look as good as his, I’m going to suck at this.”

He finished his and it was time I actually did one of mine. I chose the Dark Angel Librarian, Turmiel, put him together, and after pouring through other painted examples of him online, I did my base coat – Macragge Blue.

I stared at the miniature as it dried, pondering what color should I do next, I decided on a cream color. Which I had to mix myself as our starter paint set had a white and a yellow. As I worked on it more thoughts repeated quite vehemently in my head:

“This thing is so TINY!”

“This is going to look terrible…OMG”

“This is STUPID – why would ANYONE paint something this tiny!?!”

But I wouldn’t stop – I HAD to complete my miniature.  Second color done, I moved to the third – a green.  Or maybe it was red.  Either way, after awhile I had all the colors laid out on my table, dipping and painting areas, touching up in others, discovering missed details I’d passed over.

And I was enjoying it.

Really enjoying it.

By the end of it all, I proudly brought my little Dark Angel of Doom to Chris to show him.  I was very pleased with the result.  I kicked ass on the miniature.  My FIRST miniature.

Yeah… there will be others.

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